Glycol Chilling Systems - Design through to Commissioning

Glycol refrigeration systems from 0 degrees C to minus 40 degrees C.
We apply refrigeration and associated equipment to best meet your system requirement.
Working with our customers on new projects and initiatives or upgrading existing processes to new efficient technologies.

REFRIGERATION with systems that are easy to maintain and use high quality equipment.

Our fields of expertise include Process Low temperature glycol, Process chilled water systems, Hybrid and specialised refrigeration systems, Industrial air drying and cooling, General Refrigeration Systems, Warehouse and Wine store cooling and conditioning.



Serchill provides the following services:

– Design Consultation
– Project Management
– Commissioning
– Trouble shooting
– Service & Repairs
– Maintenance
– Pre Season Checks

To a broad range of industries:
– Winery refrigeration needs
– Plastic process Cooling
– Food processing
– Industrial cool rooms
– Dairy cooling
– Dry Cleaning chillers
– Printing industry refrigeration, water chilling and solution chilling
– Refrigerated Compressed Air Drying Equipment
– Mining Refrigeration
– Fruit Juice cooling
– Brewery refrigeration
– Distilleries
– Sea Food
– Pharmaceutical industry
– Chemical industry refrigeration
– Electroplating cooling
– Laser chillers
– Bakery process chilling
– Vegetable processing and packaging
– Hospital process cooling, autoclave, MRI secondary cooling, laboratory chillers.
– Aquaculture cooling
– General Refrigeration


Quality supplier of specialised refrigeration equipment:
– Water Chillers
– Brine Chillers
– Condensing units

– Specific refrigeration equipment to meet demanding requirements.
– Natural Refrigerant – chillers and refrigeration equipment
– High Efficiency equipment and solutions for existing equipment

We offer a variety of plant configuration options such as:

•   Remote condensers
•   Remote evaporators
•   Compact compressor set units

Ancillary equipment and design is provided for pump selection and application, a range of water tank configuration and designs, energy recovery equipment to suit the equipment and additional air and water cooling heat exchangers.


Integra four pipe Water and Glycol Chiller Units
Bitzer Screw comperssor air cooled and water cooled Chiller Units

Fluid Chillers Australia
Chiller Units

Water Chiller Units

Brazed Plate and Cleanable Plate Heat Exchangers

Range of Pumps

Range of Pumps

Variable speed Aqua drives

Temperature, Pressure and Monitoring control systems